Calypso, did you find your Odyssey?

Long bright golden hair, glowing big eyes and soft white skin…she is Calypso. This woman is a pure femininity, her body is created for love.

Nymph`s life was serene and hasteless, filled with joy of singing and walking around the blooming gardens. Every day Calypso was observing sunrises and sending away sunsets, waiting for miracles, for real life to commence.

Once grey clouds gathered the sky and birds whistled the restless song. A storm flooded in this calm place. It crushed gardens and ripped out divine trees, it broke cherished Calypso`s flowers and her own heart. The storm had a name «Odyssey», or «the one who is wrathful, who causes pain».

Odyssey, the handsome greek warrior, enchanted young nymph, and she forced him to stay. Calypso set up traps of her beauty, youth and allure to attract the stubborn man.

Despite all nymph`s efforts, Odyssey was never falling in love, but fading away. In seven years this hurricane left insidious Calypso to deal with her vanity alone.

This ancient greek legend could be a sad love story, but actually it's not. On the contrary, life lessons is sent to people with an intention to grow a personality, to become better and stronger. Calypso failed this test and she`s been left alone on her distant island.

True love ends, where freedom vanishes. Sincere feelings thrive on trust and responsibility of both loving hearts. The true one can`t be broken easily by circumstances or someone else. Genuine love is never created by force. But by unity, peace and reliance.

Who is a reborn Calypso? Modern nymph is feminine and gentle, as the most delicate lace. She can let herself be flirty, volatile and a bit rowdy-dowdy, like a chirpy tulle. But at the same time, she is strong, self-confident and fearless, as a gust, dispelling her wedding veil.

This dress is a pure anthem to unique, wise and authentic Calypso. It glorifies genuine love, bright thoughts and all divine on the Earth.

Are you ready to be an absolute Calypso?